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Professional Gutter Cleaning, Repairing, and Installation.


We are a locally owned and operated gutter servicing company; we professionally clean, repair and install gutter systems, year-round.

  1. We perform cleaning and maintenance of your home’s gutters and roof system

  2. We clean the inside of all gutters and clear all downspouts.

  3. We will also “Tune” your gutter drainage system: perform any needed minor repairs; seal small leaks, tighten/add gutter hangers, tighten/add downspout straps, etc.

  4. We professionally install seamless aluminum gutter systems; both 5″ and 6″ sizes.

  5. Let us help protect your largest investment!

SSGM; What we do…

Below is the actual script that we used to read to every new customer. Sometimes we’d do this 30 times or more per day. You can imagine how exhausting it was.

“We send the Monkeys up the old-fashioned way on a ladder with a bucket to clear the debris by hand. Unlike landscapers, we don’t use blowers or hoses that may make a mess of your yard down below. We contain the debris and transfer it to 35-gallon barrels on the ground. For environmental reasons, if you have an obvious compost area or a heavily wooded lot, we like to dispose of the debris there, if not we’ll remove it from site.

Next we’ll check and make sure all of your downspouts are clear all the way to the ground using a variety of methods. It doesn’t matter how clear your gutters are, if the pipes that run down your home are clogged, the water and leaves have no path to the ground.

Due to seasonal expansion and contraction, your gutters may become loose over time, and heavy snow and ice doesn’t help. So, you may hear us adding galvanized screws if and where needed to make sure that your gutters are as tight as possible to your home. We also do the same with all of the other “stuff”; elbows, strapping, downspouts and extensions.

Essentially, we want to make sure that your gutters are as tight as possible to your home, and that the water and debris have a path to the ground and away from foundation.

Finally, we do a 10-point topside visual inspection of your roof, roofline and chimney. We really don’t do any of that work, but we figure while we’re up there, if we see something that looks like it may be an issue, we’re alert you before it become a problem”

Proudly Serving South Shore and the Surrounding Areas

Latest Google Reviews

Lucas Grabicki
Lucas Grabicki
Ray and his crew awesome, cleaned our gutters and sealed some leaks in our gutters
Mark Pearrow
Mark Pearrow
Five stars - when I called to make an appointment, a human answered right away, and they were able to look up my property via satellite to generate an estimate. Then, they showed up on time, were very professional and friendly, and did a great job. There's nothing they could possibly have done better! Highly recommended.
Mike Filbey
Mike Filbey
The team did an excellent job. We mistakenly didn’t think to move our kayaks out of the way and they moved them and navigated some overgrown brush at no extra cost. Next time we’ll ensure they have plenty of room for the ladders. Thank you!
Chris Elkhill
Chris Elkhill
Prompt, solid professional service. Highly recommend.
Coletta Shellmer
Coletta Shellmer
had my gutters cleaned today . they also fixed a couple of leaks and put up a section of gutter that had fallen off. went beyond my expectations. really nice crew . highly recommended
Peter Mikochik
Peter Mikochik
Great folks to do business with. Responsive, professional, and good pricing.
Lou Ottaviani
Lou Ottaviani
We had South Shore Gutter Monkeys come out to install gutters and down spouts on our newly purchased house. They were reasonable in their price, and were able to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Communication was great and I never had a question about when they would be at my property. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get their gutters installed or repaired.
Adam Clear
Adam Clear
South Shore Gutter Monkeys installed a section of gutter on our house about a year ago. They were on time, the job they did looked great and they were very professional. This fall i found one section was having a draining issue. Despite the fact it had been awhile since they installed it, after i called them they were at my house within two days to look it over. They figured out how to fix it, repaired it at no charge and everything is perfect again. Would highly recommend !
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